About Us

Joelene Andrew DipCAH, HPD, MPNLP

I have always had a desire to heal and help the body
I have faced many scary health diagnoses through my life and it was in my early teens during
a battle against cancer, that I was introduced to Zig Ziglar. Through Ziglar’s motivational
stories I discovered the Power of the Mind, and I felt as if my whole world opened up.

I soon discovered that I held all of the Power in my life. If I believed it – I could manifest it.
And in truth – I wasn’t sick, until my mind said I was. Until I believed it. Until I adopted it
as my truth. Doctors could say what they wanted, it had no hold over me.

These lessons proved to shape my life greatly. I went on to study Message Therapy in many forms –
Therapeutic, Romiromi, Mirimiri and Sports

I moved into the field of Asthetics, combining the very best science, qualifications, intuition
and ‘good touch’ learnt in Massage modilties to insure outstanding results

In 2010, I was blessed to become the Mum to a very special little boy. But this sweet child of mine
had his own journey ahead of him. Through a failure to diagnose and delay in care at our local
hospital, my sons life changed at 10 months of age. Since – my son has defied odds and superseded
clinical expectations – why? Because no one has ever told him he couldn’t.

And here I believe really lays the key to life – he does it – because no one said he couldn’t.
We are very mindful of the terms that our Clinical team use. We are very aware of the words we speak
out of our mouths and the power they have to alter the way he sees his life. Our boy only hears
the positive. There is always hope. He always has the Power. No one ever says he can’t or won’t.

I wanted to give my son relief from the pain that can plague is little body, and I became interested
in Pain Management through Hypnotherapy. I quickly discovered that Hypnotherapy principles and
I were on the same page. Hypnotherapy is a tool to change Mindset and manifest amazing life changes!

I am a trained Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and a Master Practitioner in NLP and Time Line Therapy
You have all of the resources you need to make the changes you desire – I’m merely a well-qualified